Best Interest of Child

Recommendations are required to be determined utilizing the “Best Interests” standard.  Defining this term is a complex matter and definitions may vary. However, “Best Interests” generally mean that:

1.   Children have the right to love both parents and to have access to each parent without interference.

2.    All children benefit from an absence of conflict between parents.  Children do better if parents cooperate and work together.

3.  Children need to be safe, secure and protected from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

4.   Children of different ages have different needs.  A tow year old child may to need the same schedule as a ten year child.  The psychologist will consider the child’s specific needs as well as their adjustment to home, school and social environment.

5.   Children need continuity.  Parenting schedules should be followed so that children can depend on and look forward to time with each parent.

6.   Children do best when parents support a relationship with the other parent.  Do NOT ask children to choose between each parent.